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Albums & EPs

To purchase any of our music, please head over to our Bandcamp page where you can download tracks on a name-your-price basis. If you'd just like to listen for now, use any of the SoundCloud players below.

Blivet is our latest EP, released in May 2017. The three instumental tracks each contain looped guitar/vocal/synth parts of different length, which overlap and interlock to create interesting song structures.

(Artwork by Arthur McVey)

Zero Life Experience is a short collection of songs about innocence, bravery and naivety; released in March 2016.

(Artwork by Amy Taylor)

Ten Mega-Bytes
is a short album of chiptune instumentals, released in December 2012:

Stormy Weather is an EP released in 2011. ShoWery matter is the follow-up remix EP, featuring reconfigured artwork & title, remixes of Stormy Weather tunes by other artists, plus our remixes of their work:

Man Against Machine parts I, II and III were released as EPs in 2009-10. All ten tracks are presented here as a compilation album:


From time to time we remix other people's work. You can check out the results of these experiments in the playlist below:

The Archives

This is where we'll be uploading all the tracks that don't fit anywhere else - chiptune instrumentals, demos, songs that won't be put out on CD, or just tracks that we can't play live because they have far too many guitars and vocal parts on them!  Click on the image below for a hi-res version of the cover, click on the song titles to download the tracks.

The Archives cover

Title Track Length File Size Uploaded
9.90 MB
Description:  Ben returns to his indie-schmindie roots for a slice of guitar-pop nonsense in this tale of a man who falls for his gay best friend.  Bill hates this song.
Decision Time
9.96 MB
Description:  An outtake from the "Man Against Machine" sessions, owing to an overabundance of guitar parts and some fairly ropey lyrics.  Ben dreamt the main riff to this track way back when he was 15 and had just started learning the guitar.  In the dream the song made him rich and famous, but in reality it is destined to remain ignored - gathering dust in the deepest darkest corners of the internet forever more.
The Next Big Thing
3:40 9.79 MB 24/12/2010
Description:  Originally written as the first (and only) single for a planned side-project that was to be known as The Next Big Thing.  The song is about falling in love with a one-hit-wonder and is a straightforward two-chord rocker, featuring backing vocals from our photographer Sarah L.
Are You There? 2:36 7.36 MB 12/03/2010
Description:  We seem to have something of a backlog of slow/quiet tunes at the moment.  Here's one about not giving up.  Ben's vocals were recorded in a wardrobe for extra clothy goodness.
Robots From The Future 4:52 12.5 MB 28/11/2009
Description:  This track is our homage to Grandaddy.  Fairly straightforward acoustic indie strum, with some vintage synth sounds and a cautionary environmental tale.